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    The Environmental Impact copy

    the boxes they come in are recyclable – no surprises there, since they’re made of paper. 

    The capsules, however, leave a much more significant environmental impact. For a start, aluminum is an energy-hungry product. 13,500 capsules are consumed per minute; the aluminum wrapping weighs 0.3 grams. With a simple calculation, we came to the conclusion that 4.5 kg of aluminum is used per minute, of which only 20% gets recycled. That equates to 3.24 kg of aluminum gets wasted per minute.This waste is simply unsustainable. 

    During the production process to produce 1 kg of the aluminum to create coffee capsules, it takes on average 14 kWh of electricity, which equates to 8.4 tons of co2 released in the air, therefore, harming the environment.

    Those are many numbers to digest, the bottom line is that aluminum coffee capsules are not sustainable! 

    We understand that there are compost alternatives however, we are also financially sensitive and understand that our customers’ environmental values should not be compromised over a highly-priced compost capsule.  

    Our range of environmentally friendly capsules are designed to be reused for up to 10 years, giving you the freedom to brew freshly ground coffee beans with your coffee pod machine without guilt or empty pockets.

    ‘What about those that do get recycled’, you might be wondering?

    Well, let’s start from your home! 

    Your capsules will have to make a long journey through trucks, planes, and transports to get to their final destination, that is a lot of carbon footprint.

    In 2012 Nespresso said it reached its “75% recycling capacity commitment”. But while it may have the ability to recycle 75% of the capsules, it has not yet revealed if that many capsules have been recycled.

    In 2018 Nespresso alone created 8.000.0000 capsules that generated 9000 tons of waste in comparison; the Eiffel Tower weighs 7300 tons.

    To recycle 20% of the coffee capsule that do not end up in Landfills, it requires 13 kWh and 1700L of waters. (that is a lot of waste)

    Thank you for reading! We appreciate your commitment in preserving the environment. As a thank you here is a 7% discount on your next purchase. Copy and paste this code at checkout: WELCOME12