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     Did you know you are wasting thousands of pounds every year on coffee capsules that harm the environment and your pockets daily?
    ‘’That’s not true. My family only spend 0.83pence per capsule. That’s much cheaper than a Starbucks coffee.’’
    Well, even if you are saving money on Big Chain coffee houses, you are still harming the environment.
    However much of that is true, we can assure you that you are spending a lot of money! Don’t believe us? Take a look at our simple calculation;
    The average cost of a Nespresso capsule is 0.83p, assuming your household consumes seven capsules a day:
    1. The average cost of a Nespresso capsule is 0.83p.
    2. 83 x 7 = 5.81
    3. 81 x 30 = 174.30
    4. 30 x 12 = 2091.60 per year

          with EcoKaffe: 

    1. Average cost of 1kg (total quantity of coffee consumed by using 7 Nespresso capsules a day) is 12 dollars.
    2. 12 x 12 months = 144
    3. Cost of  3 EcoKaffe capsules (one off cost) 30 x 3 = 90
    4. 144 + 90 = 234.
    5. 234 – 2091.60 = 1857.60 IN SAVINGS

     Another amazing benefit of EcoKaffe reusable coffee capsules is that you can refill your coffee capsules with any coffee you wish. You can decide to buy your coffee at your supermarket or support Small Business like your local coffee roster. 

    Still don’t believe us?

    No problem. You can calculate it yourself by inserting your information.
    Still not convinced? Visit our Environmental section! And see how much your capsules are damaging the world you live in.
    Thank you for reading! We appreciate your commitment to saving. As a thank you here is a 7% discount on your next purchase. Copy and paste this code at checkout: WELCOME12