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    Frequently asked questions

    • Why are the single-use coffee capsules a real problem?

    In 2018, more than 15 billion single-use capsules were thrown away, amounting to more than 100 million kilograms of waste!

    • The machine pierces through the classic capsule, how does the capsule not get damaged?

    The capsule is designed so that there are holes placed that let the water pass through without any trouble. It is made of stainless steel and therefore is not damaged during the process.

    • Won’t this damage the machine?

    No, many tests have been done and we made sure the pressure points of the machine did not receive any excessive force.

    •  How long do they last?

    If you take care of them and wash them after each use, they will last a few years. the ones we are using in our offices have more than 1 year and they still work as if they were new.

    • Can I use them for tea?

    Yes! You can put tea bags or dry tea in the capsule. Fill it in half and you will get at least 2 cups of tea in a question of seconds (Use the lungo button). Depending on the tea you use, you can even get yummy foam on top!

    • Will my machine lose its warranty if I use your capsule?

    Absolutely not. Using our capsule is the same as using a compatible capsule from nay well-known brand, the only difference is that our capsule do not create any waste.


    any more questions? 

    visit our contact us page and send us an email. We will be delighted to answer all your questions.