It all starts with a creamy espresso

Is your company trying to find new ways to align with a more sustainable future, however struggling to meet its financial objectives?

A wise man once said:

You don't have to see the whole staircase, just to take your first step.
-Martin Luther King Jr

Take the first step by reducing waste and carbon footprint by substituting your aluminum coffee capsule with indefinitely reusable stainless steel ones.

there is a vast amount of benefits when switching to EcoKaffe Capsules.

#1 Waste reduction: 

#1 Waste: By reducing the amount of aluminum/plastic generated from single use capsules, your business will have a competitive advantage over many non-environmentally conscious businesses. 

#2 Money: 

At EcoKaffe, we believe that environmental consciousness shouldn't be a financial burden, especially for SMEs. Everybody should have the opportunity to save and be environmentally competitive.
Take a glance at our simple calculation, easily adaptable to any business

On the left hand side you'll find an approximate calculation of how much a small business with 50 employees spends per year.   

By switiching to Ecokaffe capsules:

Average cost of 1kg of espresso coffee is $12 
12 x 32 bags pm = 384 pounds pm
384 x 12 months = 4608
Cost of 15 Eco-capsules: 35 x 15 = 525
4608 + 525 = 5133
18,798 - 5133 = 13,659 to reinvest or keep.

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