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    For Work

    Does your workplace consume copious amounts of coffee capsules a day?

    Are you trying to find new ways to align your company with a more sustainable future however struggling to meet financial objectives?

    Well, a wise man named Martin Luther King once said once said:

    "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

    Take the first step by reducing waste and carbon footprint by substituting your aluminum coffee capsule with indefinitely usable stainless steel ones.

    There are a huge amounts of benefits to help you not only reduce waste but also save thousands of pounds a year.   

    Here’s a practical guide to get you and your company on the right path:

    • Take a look at our calculation of how much you are spending and how much you can save within a year:
    1. The average cost of a Nespresso capsule is 0.83p.
    2. 83 x 4 = 3.32
    3. 32 x 50 employees = 166 a day
    4. 166 x 261 ( business days in the UK in 2019 ) = 43,326 pounds a year
    •  By utilizing Eco-Kaffe capsules and buying 1 kg of Lavazza Red Quality  per month
    1. Average cost of 1kg ( more or less the total quantity of coffee consumed by using 7 Nespresso capsules a day) is 12 pound
    2. 12 x 32 bags pm (equal amount to quantity of coffee consumed in a day in capsules) = 384 pounds pm
    3. 384 x 12 months = 4608
    4. Cost of 15 Eco-capsules  (one off cost) 22 x 15 = 525
    5. 4608 + 525 = 5133

          43,326 - 5133  = 38,388 to reinvest or keep.


    • Contact us today and find out how we can tailor our offering to your company.
    • want to find our more about the environmental impact? visit our dedicated page. 

    Drop us an email today at or fill out our contact form on the contact us page.

    We offer exclusive deals on all order over 10 capsules. We want to help you save the environment while saving money which can be reinvested in making your company more competitive.