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    About us

    We were given a choice.
    Do we prefer a creamy espresso or a damaged environment?

    Initially, we pondered the question as we couldn’t understand how an espresso could damage the environment. We always considered ourselves to be thoughtful coffee consumers. We have always recycled our pods in the appropriate boutiques. We made sure to use fair trade coffee when we weren’t using coffee capsules and to always go to our local coffee shop so we could support a small local business rather than going to a big chain.

    For days we continued pondering this question until we started doing some research.
    Yes, we were recycling our capsules and yes we were helping small business, but the real elephant in the room was the material of our capsules, and its name started with an A.
    The name was aluminum, and we didn’t even realize how much harm we were doing in our little way.
    We were shocked to find out that only 20% of capsules get recycled.
    We were even more shocked that humans, on average, consume 13.500 coffee capsules per minute, creating 3.24 kg in waste per minute. (find out more about the environmental impact)
    For us, this was not acceptable. And it was then that I once again started pondering on the initial question.

    A creamy espresso or a damaged environment?

    We said NO. You might be thinking, ‘’well, that’s not really a suitable answer’’.  let us explain.

    We said NO to this question as a point of principle. We shouldn’t choose to compromise our ethics over an espresso. We don’t want to damage the environment; however, we love our espresso in the morning. So the answer is NO to the question; however, it’s the start of our capsule revolution.
    This is why we created EcoKaffe—making espresso, sustainably.

    You should never have to choose, so we’re offering you an alternative—stainless steel indefinitely reusable coffee capsules.

    Because we believe nobody should compromise ethics and money over a creamy espresso.

    We understand that there are alternatives to the aluminum coffee capsule. However, we have trialed and tested them, and we concluded that we didn’t want to spend double the amount of money for weak coffee, not matter how much we adored the zero-waste concept.

    Love your local coffee house? Support them even from home by using their coffee in our capsules, creating zero waste, helping smaller businesses, and saving you thousands every year. It’s a match made in heaven.

    Thank you for reading our story! We appreciate your commitment. As a thank you here is a 7% discount on your next purchase. Copy and paste this code at checkout: WELCOME12.